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Lilian Kwan

Client Relationship Manager

Lilian's key role is to serve clients making a property investment.

“The sales team establishes buyer relationships, while I establish investor relationships,” she says.

“Even if a property investor doesn’t purchase from us, I still offer what I believe to be the best property management and property investment advice, even if you choose to purchase through another agency."

"Increasingly, astute investors are not simply going to settle for the agency offering the lowest management fee", she says.

“Investing is quite technical and investors need to make sure they’re moving their property to a business that understands all aspects of what they’re doing. I have a background in accounting, banking, property sales and property management. No body understands property investment more than a property investor and I am a passionate one. My role is to set up the tenancy and the marketing of the property the correct way from the beginning,” she explains.

Lilian also has an obligation to educate investor on their obligations as a landlord, and on how to present the property. This is what you need to do to get the highest return.

As a market expert, Lilian is also an expert in understanding what improvements and updates are required to maximise wealth for her clients.

Once on boarded the right way by Lilian, the management of your property will be setup for success and actively underpinned by our leasing, property management and finance divisions.


  • 2023 - Top 5 Referring Individuals - No. 1
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