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Ray White Projects

Ray White Projects

Ray White Projects specialises in the sales and marketing of significant residential projects from concept to completion. Ray White Projects is proud to have delivered an impressive track record of results for its clients, achieved by using proven strategies, fastidious attention to detail and accurate local market knowledge.

The Projects team works closely with its developer clients to establish the optimal design, branding, marketing and sales release strategies to maximise both the pricing and rates of sale for off the plan projects.

Ray White Projects market projects both nationally and internationally and typically works closely with many of the 1,200 Ray White local and international offices to establish the optimal market pricing and target markets for projects. Ray White Projects is committed to maximising the value of our client’s projects and servicing our clients requirements to the highest standards.

Ray White Projects is part of the Ray White Group, which has evolved over 4 generations to being Australasia’s largest real estate group with annual turnover exceeding $44 Billion and over 1,200 offices.

In August 2016, Ray White was named by EY (Ernst & Young) as one of the top 50 family businesses in the world as part of EY’s internationally renowned Entrepreneur of the Year program, sharing the world stage with the likes of IKEA, Ford, Walmart, 20th Century Fox, ALDI and more.


Ray White Projects is an owner led business with a very strong project marketing track record. We are an experienced team of property and marketing experts that have unrivalled knowledge of the local residential market, with the unique ability to tap into our local office network and their clients in addition to our own. We have an active pipeline of buyers from our projects, residential and international databases that we tap into to ensure that your project is marketed to the correct market.

Outstanding results have been achieved by using proven strategies, fastidious attention to detail and accurate local market knowledge. The company is driven to continue to revolutionise and evolve project marketing for the profitability of our clients. Our core philosophy is based on understanding our client’s specific requirements and focusing the team’s experience to deliver the outcomes required.


 Customer Service

Our focused approach ensures that the buyer journey on your project is a 6-star experience.

Trusted Partner

Dedication and commitment from the concept designs to the last settlement in the project with unparalleled guidance and advice on all aspects.

Cutting Edge Technology, Automation & Reporting

We powered by world-leading platforms. This manages all enquiries about your property, real-time sales and marketing reporting and business intelligence to maximise sales.

Asian Services Desk

Specialist Asian Services Desk to link your project with international purchasers.

Proven Sales Strategy

Our goal is to sell your project for the maximum price in the most timely and efficient manner. We achieve this by focusing on what the market is seeking from your location and product.

Proven Marketing Strategy

We create bespoke marketing campaigns that are tailored to the identified target market with media that breaks through the clutter.

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