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Fitness and Lifestyle in Southbank

By Mieke Summers

If you have ever visited Southbank, you will be aware of the fantastic Restaurants and Bars on offer with everything from Fine Dining Asian food to classic Hunky Dori. It provides multiple options for all budgets and and tastes, and a good night out is always guaranteed.

Night life, Tick?

But what about the over all lifestyle people might wonder, and if you take a stroll any day or night your answer will be evident.

With the Yarra river just a skip away, it has become a Hub of fitness and culture for locals and visitors.Whether the sun is out or not, locals have been inspired and are out and about on  bikes or taking a jog along the beautiful river.  Public bikes for hire along the Yarra have provided a fun and convenient way to exercise and also a means of transport for exploring Southbank further, and people cannot get enough.

The COTA cyclists group, a social group created for older people wanting to connect, has also noted this and chosen Southbank as its meeting and cycling point.

“It’s just so central. We’ve got people coming in from all across Melbourne, so it makes sense to meet somewhere that isn’t too out of the way for anyone,” Ms Bennett said.

“It also helps that there are great cafes and restaurants here, for a morning coffee or a group lunch after our ride.”

I think It’s fair to say Southbank Fitness? Tick!

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