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November 2016 Construction Update @ Gravity

By Dongmei Liu

Gravity is progressing to programme thanks to the great work of Hamilton Marino. The structure is on target to be completed by Christmas, with only 5 of the remaining 29 levels to be completed. Externally, the feature works on the architectural fins have commenced. Internally, the services rough is now underway. Settlement is anticipated for June 2017. The key programme items are as follows:

Stage                                      Status

  1. Site set up works:                    Completed
  2. Retention works excavation:     Completed
  3. Structure works:                      In Progress
  4. Services rough in                     In Progress
  5. Window glazing                        In Progress
  6. Facade cladding                       In Progress
  7. Internal fit out works                 In Progress
  8. Finishing works
  9. Practical completion
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