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Ray White Victoria kicks off 2022

By Georgina Shanahan

MORE than 600 members from across the Ray White Victoria network converged on the Crown in Southbank for the 2022 Sales Launch Day.

Ray White Victoria and Tasmania CEO Stephen Dullens (pictured above) welcomed the group to the event and said the challenges of the past two years have created opportunity.
“Back in February 2020, I said the following, 2022 will be another year of change in our industry and that brings opportunity. Complacency in a strong market can be as much as risk as a softening market itself,” he said.
“What we do know is we’ve commenced 2022 in our strongest ever position. Our number of people, number of offices, number of managements, productivity and market share are the highest it’s ever been.
“And it’s up to us whether or not we take advantage of that opportunity.”
Keynote speaker, AFL legend Kevin Sheedy (pictured below), spoke to the crowd about the need to always be developing and investing in yourself.
“Change is the most important thing you have in your life, if you don’t change you’ll be changed whether you want it or not,” he said.
“The investment in yourself is what I’d like to talk about today. Do you invest in yourself to be the person you want to be? Not a lot of people invest in themselves, they go to work and hope they get it right.
“It’s what you don’t know where you are going to find your gold nuggets.”

Top auction agency principals, Jason Spagnuolo and Sam Brincat (pictured below) from Ray White Norwood in Adelaide spoke about the benefits of “The Deadlift” – focusing on the basics.
“In Adelaide, like Melbourne, the market has been absolutely crazy over the last 18 months. All our figures and everyone’s GCI and transactions are going through the roof but at the moment our agents are doing the least amount of work they’ve ever done before, which is really scary,” Mr Spagnuolo said.
“A lot of people avoid it but the deadlift is a compound exercise with a lot of output. It works a lot of muscle groups at the same time. It’s a core exercise and it’s those exercises which net the most results.

The pair listed the “core exercises” – calls, networking, time management and auctions and said there are no silver bullets or ways to fast track success.
“All our top performers make calls and not just in isolation. They do it every single day and if they don’t they feel anxious and like they’ve wasted their time not making those calls,” Mr Brincat said.
“And every person they meet, no matter how they meet, they go into their database and they remain in contact with these people religiously until they are ready to sell.
“They know how to manage their time effectively, there is a clear relationship between those agents who do well and those who don’t and their time management skills. It’s all about understanding what you’re capable of and creating a structure around that.
“Finally, auctions are the most important task which then nets the biggest returns. With auctions, the reason for us to go down this path and the reason why we swear by auctions is it helps us run a better business. For us it creates better agents and more efficiency in a number of spaces.
“We have broken into areas which are not typically auction areas and turned them so now our competitors have needed to keep up. If you apply the method to the property, not the property to the method, you realise every property deserves an auction.”

Ray White Cheltenham sales agent Angela Limanis (pictured) said she thoroughly enjoyed the session. “There was such good energy in the room. Kevin Sheedy was great, and I’m not really a football person, but sports people have such a lot to offer in terms of discipline and training. It all just comes down to consistency. The fundamentals in our business are the same.”

Ray White Foster and Sandy Point sales agent Sharlyn Moore and owner director Peter Bellingham loved their first sales event since joining the group in December.
“The message from today is to never stop learning,” Ms Moore said. “How good was it to see everyone in the room together!”
Mr Bellingham was shocked at the scale of the group. “This was our first event since we joined the group in December.”
L-R: Ray White Pakenham’s Sarah McDougal, sales agent Gavin Staindl and buyer’s advocate Rachael Dalton.
Ray White Pakenham agent Gavin Staindl said he finds a lot of value in events like today’s sales launch.
“I enjoy catching up with other sales consultants and talking about what they do for their business and how it affects them because every person does things a little bit differently and they interpret things a different way,” he said.
“So I love coming here and getting the take from some of the best of the best about how they run their business because even though you might not mirror it, you get tips on what you can do.
“After this, I think we’re going to revitalise our stock board. We’ve got a stock board at the moment which probably isn’t the right kind of stock board to have going into a changing market.”

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