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Selling at Auction

We believe auctions are the ultimate everything to gain and nothing to lose way to sell your property.

While some old-school agents are still saying “Auctions don’t work in this area” or “Auction only works on certain properties”, the reverse has been proven to be true. Agents skilled in the use of the Auction method are regularly achieving great results in every geographical location and on every style of property.

Over the past few years, the proportion of properties across Australia being sold by Auction has been steadily rising as the method becomes increasingly popular with both sellers and buyers. The Melbourne property market has been a leader in this movement, with one of the highest proportion of Auctions of any capital city across Australia.

We have 3 main methods of running Auctions:

  1. Online Auction
  2. In-Room Auction
  3. Onsite Auction

Here are some recent Auctions conducted utilising all methods.

Online Auction

In the Covid age, Ray White has by far been the best equipped to adapt. We have developed a reliable platform and the expected Ray White ‘know how’ to provide continued exceptional results. Powered by Ray White, knock out auctions are continuing in the comfort of people homes.

Below is a recent example.

In-Room Auction

In-room auctions occur when the auction is held at another site, usually in professional auction rooms. While you may be more familiar with “on-site” or “street” auctions from photos and television programs, this format brings an array of buyers an array of properties together and may be the best method suited to your home.

As they’re held indoors, in-room auctions give the agent and auctioneer greater control over the variables on the day and can allow them to maximise conditions for a higher sale outcome.

Other key advantages of in-room auctions include:

  • A more professional environment with only serious bidders turning up, creating better conditions for pre- and post-auction negotiations and greater control over the auction itself.
  • An increased pool of potential buyers as numerous properties will often be auctioned on the same day and buyers who miss out on their first preference might then bid on other similar properties on the list, increasing the chances of your property being sold.
  • Control over where the property sits in line, allowing experienced agents to carefully plan the order to maximise the opportunity for every property to be sold on the day.
  • Minimal impact from the weather, parking availability and other factors that arise outside.
  • Control over the timing of the auction as Saturdays are usually the best time for street auctions, but holding the auction indoors and especially in the evening gives a better chance to bring property, agents and buyers together to ensure the best possible result.

Please see below video and associated press release for on the ground insight on how our in-room auctions run.

Click here for further details on our In-Room Auction case study

Onsite Auctions

Onsite auctions need no introduction of explanation. They are pillar of Saturday entertainment, culture and society in Melbourne. Melbourne is undoubtedly the onsite auction capital of Australia if not the world. There is no better trained team to deliver a successful onsite auction campaigns than us.

See below some examples below of us in action.

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